Why Us?

"Andrew is an innovative, creative, thoughtful and hard working attorney. He brings a commonsense approach to legal advice, weighing the different risk profiles and practicalities of his clients' businesses." ~ Commercial Counsel, Google

"Throughout my legal career, I have had the opportunity to sit on both sides of the table; practicing both as a large law firm attorney and as in-house counsel to a company with diverse legal needs. Put simply, Andrew Shapiro 'gets it.' His practice is uniquely tailored to the needs of his clients, and you never receive anything less than his full legal and business expertise. I unequivocally recommend his services." ~ NFL Sports Agent

"Andrew is a vital part of my business. He takes the proper time to answer my questions and ensures that my business is covered from all legal aspects. He treats you as if you are family." ~ CEO, National Food Based Startup Company

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We Are Winners

We take our clients' legal issues personally, and we treat them as if they were our own. This breeds passion and commitment toward our clients and their success. Our clients rely on us to solve very difficult and complex issues, and we know how important it is for them to succeed and win. Because of this we work tirelessly to ensure our clients' success.   

We Are Creative

We are unconventional. We do not do things because "that's the way it has always been done." There is no one-size-fits-all model in the law. We are not a factory that produces the same thing over and over. Rather, our attorneys use their broad based knowledge of the law and business to hand-craft real solutions and game plans for our clients. We customize our approach to every legal issue based upon our clients' best interest and well-being. This requires a higher level of thinking and creativity that we thrive on. 

We Are Focused

Our firm focuses on addressing the needs and achieving the goals of our clients and not chasing billable hours as is done in the typical law firm business model. We ditched this model. It's not effective for our clients and our firm. It creates inefficiencies and encourages lawyers to spend needless time for the sake of meeting an arbitrary billable hour quota. Likewise, our offices are not lined with marble columns or fancy artwork because marble columns and fancy artwork do not help our clients. We keep our overhead low.  All of this allows us to focus on efficiently providing top-notch legal services using cost-effective billing methods, including flat fees, contingency fees, split fees, and equity-based compensation.